Northwest Wisconsin Fishing Report

Northwest Wisconsin Fishing Report


]We’re going to share with you the latest northwest Wisconsin fishing report courtesy of local guide Jeff Evans. He’s been experience rising water temperatures as you would expect during the spring months, as well as some stable weather that has helped keep the seasonal movements of all the fish species steady and progressing. Jeff has been keeping tabs on the muskies, smallmouth bass, walleye and panfish bites in his area. He’s also been following the bite on Chequamegon Bay, so his report covers a wide variety of fishing opportunities available right now in his neck of the woods:

“Things are really coming together in northwest Wisconsin right now for a great spring bite. Water temperatures have warmed into the upper 50’s and low 60’s on most lakes. Musky season has opened and you’ll find those fish close to shallow spawning bays.

“Smallmouth bass are moving shallow and you’re going to find a lot of those fish in less than 10 feet of water. I like fishing them with suspending crankbaits and slow rolling plastics.

“Walleyes are moving into the first new weed growth in 4-6 feet of water on stained lakes and 8-12 feet of water on clear water lakes.

“The crappie fishing has been outstanding. Focus your efforts there in less than 7 feet of water, and suspending plastics under slip bobbers has been a great tactic.”

Continuing Jeff’s northwest Wisconsin fishing report, here’s the latest from the Bay:

“On Chequamegon Bay, smallmouth bass are biting great in shallow water in less than 7 feet. There’s also a good lake trout bite going pulling crankbaits behind planer boards in the top 20 feet of the water column.

“For more information on fishing the Hayward Lakes Area in northwest Wisconsin, Chequamegon Bay and Lake Superior, go to

Northwest Wisconsin Fishing Report

That’s some great information from Jeff in his latest northwest Wisconsin fishing report.. Get your search baits ready to go and head up into the shallows to chase after a wide variety of Wisconsin’s favorite gamefish for sport or for the frying pan.

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