Truck Topper

Truck Topper -Tunnel Cover Selection Tips!


Truck Topper -Tunnel Cover Selection Tips!

Your truck is more than just a commuter to get you from here to there. Many of us practically live in our trucks. They help us pull our boats, trailers and gear to the next adventure. The things you haul are just as important as the truck holding it, whether it’s your gear, pets or even tools, you don’t want your things getting exposed to the elements.

Here are a few awesome add-ons for the back of your truck to keep things secure and dry:


Let’s start with tunnel covers. With their sleek, low-profile design, they protect your cargo while maintaining that classic truck look. Quality tunnel covers like Access, Bak, Leer and Retrax come in a variety of styles including roll-up, trifold and retractable to fit your style of needs.


Need extra dry storage space? Then go with a topper! Radco carries both fiberglass and aluminum caps available in varying heights, window configurations and styles from brands like Leer and Century.
You can customize your topper with a wide variety of options and accessories to suit your needs with products like a Thule roof rack, carpet bed liners, side opening windows, interior storage and so much more!

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