Cool Fishing Products

Cool Fishing Products for Early Summer


It’s late spring, early summer right now in the Upper Midwest and the fish are on the move. We picked out a nice variety of cool fishing products that will help you be more efficient on the water and catch more fish as a result.

Northland Fire-Ball Standup Jig

First up, let’s look at the Northland Stand-Up Fire-Ball Jig. One thing you’ll notice about this jig as you fish it is the head of the jig will actually sit on the bottom and the hook will stand almost straight up. What that’s going to do is have your livebait or plastic point up into the air, which can be the ticket in certain situations.

Northland Rippin’ Shad

Next on the list for early summer fishing products is the Northland Rippin’ Shad. When you’re looking for something that’s loud and has a lot of vibration, you want a bait like this. It’s going to call fish in from a distance, and if they are in an aggressive mood, they’re going to hammer this bait.

Rapala Slab Rap

If you want a lipless hardball that’s a little bit more subtle, consider checking out the new #6 Rapala Slab Raps. They vibrate as you pull them through the water, similar to the Rippin’ Shads, but they don’t have the internal bb’s that create a loud ruckus in the water column.

cool fishing products

Rapala RipStop Deep

During the early season period, one great search bait option is a jerkbait. The size 12 Rapala RipStop is an excellent option, especially if you’re fishing deeper water as this bait will run down to 8 or 9 feet on the retrieve. Jerkbaits still work well as you get into early summer, especially for bass, and it pays to be able to fish them in deeper water as the fish begin to transition.

Bubba Blades Electric Fillet Knife

If you’re going to be processing a lot of fish (walleyes, perch, crappies, etc.), it pays to have a good electric knife, and these Bubba Blades fit the bill. They have corded model and a cordless Li-On model, depending on your person preference, and a number of blade sizes available for cleaning different species of fish.

Humminbird Helix 9 CHIRP G3N

If you spend enough time on the water looking for fish, these Helix units are rock solid. Of course it has mapping capability, CHIRP sonar and there’s different models of these units that might have Side-Imaging, Down-Imaging, etc.

Plano 3700 Guide Series Tackle Bag

The Plano 3700 Guide Series Tackle Bag is a great option for anyone in the market for a new tackle bag. When you open the top, you’ll notice it has room for a number of 3750 tackle boxes. It also has a number of magnets on the top, which can hold your favorite jig secure, even when you flip the lid.

Rapala Magnetic Tool Holder

While we’re on the topic of storage and organization, these Rapala Magnetic Tool Holders are super handy. You can slap them just about anywhere. It’s a great storage system to have in your boat to keep your tools organized and easily accessible.

Blackfish Gale Hoodie

Blackfish Gale 2.0 Pullover

Another must have on our fishing products list is the Gale 2.0 Pullover from Blackfish. The material on the outside is weather resistant and the material on the inside, the thermal core fleece lining, is extremely warm and comfortable. It actually has a pocket on the front of the garment that’s also lined with the same thermal core fleece material. They’ll keep your hands nice and warm on a cool day. This is the ultimate cold water pullover and it’s one of our absolute favorites for spring, fall and winter.

Minn Kota Talon

If you’ve never used a shallow water anchoring system, you’re missing out. The Minn Kota Talon is an excellent tool when you’re fishing in shallow water or when you’re launching and loading your boat. Just click the button and your boat’s not going anywhere! What’s great about the 10 foot model is it’s actually shorter than the 8 foot model and the 12 foot model which means you can get underneath bridges easier and you can back it into your garage without needing to tilt it down on a bracket.

All the fishing products listed above are available at your local Fleet Farm store or at

Here’s a few other items you might want to check out:

Bold North Boxes

Bold North Boxes

If you need power when you’re on the move, take a look at the Bold North portable power station. They come equipped with high quality lithium batteries, which last longer and weight a lot less than your standard LSA battery. The box has USB ports, a 12 volt plug, a flashlight and UV light for glowing up jigs and more.

Wavy Label Head Lamp

The last cool fishing product we’ve got is one thing you always want to have with you: a head lamp. A lot of the head lamps on the market right now have around 300 hundred lumens, but the Wavy Label Head Lamp 2,000 lumens, so it’s extremely bright. Not only that, but it’s also rechargeable, so you aren’t constantly burning through batteries as you’re using your head lamp throughout the season. Even if you’re not fishing at night, I would highly recommend having a head lamp handy.

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