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Metro Area: 3-7-2023

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Minnesota guide Matt Johnson gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for the Metro area on March 7th, 2023.

Metro Area Report: 3-7-2023

We’ve got a lot of good ice in the Twin cities with most lakes having anywhere from twenty to twenty-five inches of ice. You can get around with a truck, but you still should watch out for snow drifts and make sure to bring a tow strap and shovel just incase.

Bluegills and crappies can be found along the weed lines relating to the edge of the basins. Target that fifteen to twenty foot zone on most lakes.

We’ve been catching almost all of our fish on 1/32 ounce or 1/16 ounce Clam Pinhead Pro spoons.

If we do run into some finicky fish that’s when I’ll make the switch from the spoon to a size 12 Clam Dropkick jig paired with a maki plastic or livebait. 

For the most part the fish are still in their mid-winter patterns, but within the next week or so they will begin to push shallow towards their late ice spots so that’s something you’ll want to keep in mind. 

We’ve still got a lot of ice fishing ahead of us. Get out and enjoy it. Good luck to all the anglers fishing in the Metro Area lakes!

  • Matt Johnson


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