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Northern Wisconsin Buzz Bite Report 9-6-2022

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Avid angler Caleb Wistad of Hookedupwi gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Northern Wisconsin on September 6th, 2022.

Northern Wisconsin Buzz Bite Report 9-6-2022

Late summer patterns are still in place here in Northern Wisconsin, but a few fall patterns are just starting to emerge.

Water temps have recently dropped to below 70 degrees for the first time in months.  As the water continues to cool, a slow movement of bluegills and crappies to deeper weed edges and the basin will start to happen.

northern wisconsin crappie

A slow-moving jig-and-plastic, or a dropshot rig with some live bait should do the job.  Be sure to keep moving because those schools of panfish certainly will!

Largemouth and smallmouth bass can be found virtually anywhere from 2′ of water all the way out to 35′ basins right now but as the water cools expect them to concentrate on mid-depth cover and structure until the late fall period.

Larger swimbaits slow-rolled along weed edges can be dynamite this time of year for largemouths and may produce a big pike or two as well.

Walleyes can be found cruising main-lake structure as well as suspended in the basin and it’s a great time for a good trolling program.  Troll stickbaits or crawler harnesses 10′ – 30′ down and bounce between open water basin areas and deep structure to find out where those walleyes are hanging out that day.


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