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Devils Lake Buzz Bite Report 9-1-2022

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North Dakota guide Johnnie Candle gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Devils Lake on September 1st, 2022.

Devils Lake Buzz Bite Report 9-1-2022

It’s starting to feel like fall up here on Devils Lake and the fish are biting.

Walleyes are being caught on a number of different presentations, but spinners and crawlers have been producing the most fish. Hammered gold, hammered silver, and fire tiger have been the best colors.

If you are fishing from the Graham’s island to the East, the best depths have been between 25 and 30 feet of water. If you head to the west of Graham’s island focus on depths between twelve and sixteen feet of water.

Look for fish on flooded road beds and along the old shoreline.

Walleyes can also be caught with small crankbaits on lead core set ups. Perch, blue silver, and fire tiger have been the best colors.

On smaller isolated rock piles walleyes can be caught on Jigging Raps or slip bobbers.

We are also catching a fair amount of jumbo perch without targeting them. If you wanted to use your electronics and scan until you find the big schools of perch. Then just drop down a jig and minnow or jig & crawler and you’ll be able to catch a bunch of nice perch.

The bite is only going to get better as we move into fall so come on up to Devils Lake and have some fun!

  • Johnnie Candle


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