Lake Vermilion

Lake Vermilion Buzz Bite Report 5-17-2022

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Minnesota fishing guide Billy Rosner of Wild Country Guide Service gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Lake Vermilion on May 17th, 2022.

Lake Vermilion Buzz Bite Report 5-17-2022

Most anglers tend to think of the walleyes, musky, and smallmouth bass when it comes to Lake Vermilion, but there is actually a nice population of panfish that anglers can target this time of year.

Look for these panfish in those southern and southwestern bays.

Those bays heat up the fastest and tend to hold more panfish.

These fish can be found in and around wood cover, any standing cabbage weed beds, or by reeds.

When targeting fish small jigs paired with plastics or a crappie minnow will work great. Pink, white, and chartreuse are good color choices.

You can fish these jigs under a float or by casting them out and slowly retrieve them back to the boat.

Good luck to all the anglers fishing Lake Vermilion!

-Billy Rosner


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