trolling for big musky

Trolling for Big Musky

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Jeremy Smith shares a few tips on trolling for big musky and how trolling can be utilized in Ontario’s Sunset Country.

Trolling for Big Musky

If you don’t do a ton of musky fishing, trolling is one of the easiest and most productive ways to go about it.

It allows you to cover lots of water and it can produce some monster fish. Trolling for musky is also a great way to fish in adverse weather conditions.

In Ontario’s Sunset Country, a lot of these Canadian shield lakes are large and have a lot of good looking spots that could potentially hold muskies. Trying to break down these large bodies of water can be intimidating to new anglers.

Quickly trolling through these spots is arguably the best ways you can breakdown and understand the body of water you are fishing.

Typically for musky, you are going to be trolling around three miles per hour.

While you are trolling you can utilize your electronics and identify fish, bait, or likely structure that is going to hold fish.

Classic Grandmas, Headlocks 10 or 12, and Cisco Kid 9″ are just a few of the great trolling bait options out there.

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