Topwater Musky Fishing

Topwater Musky – Tips & Tactics (ft. Todays Angler)

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Topwater Musky – Tips & Tactics (ft. Todays Angler)

Topwater musky fishing can provide some of the most exciting moments in freshwater fishing. Problem is, most folks don’t understand just how many applications there are for topwater fishing, including in finesse situations and when the water is very cold. That’s where the Todays Angler boys have surprised some folks in recent years.

Without a doubt the most exciting kind of musky fishing there is is topwater musky fishing.

Topwater musky lures are definitely the most speed sensitive of all the musky lure categories.

The most common topwater bait would have to be a single prop bait that makes a lot of noise and is often fished at medium to fast speeds.

prop bait musky topwater

With the prop bait being the most common, the bait we have had the most success on has been the Flap Tail.

Now, the Flap Tail is a bait that you fish complete different compared to the prop bait. You retrieve it very slow, in fact the slower the better.

It is our go to bait when the musky don’t want to cooperate and chase baits down. It is a finesse tactic for fishing muskies, and it is a tactic that has worked all throughout the year.

Topwater baits always deserve a place in the box when musky fishing and can be utilized in a finesse method when muskies aren’t in that chasing mood.

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