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A+ Musky Fishing Lakes

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Thanks to stocking efforts, musky fishing is an option for many anglers all over the country. In this video, we reveal our favorite musky fishing lakes!

A+ Musky Fishing Lakes

Historically musky fishing was limited to eight to ten Midwestern and Northeastern states and a few Canadian providences.

Today, muskies are available in thirty one states. Let’s take a look at some our the best musky destinations around the midwest.

North Dakota

There are two lakes the crack our list in North Dakota and that is Lake Audubon and New Johns Lake. Both have large populations of musky with fish exceeding the fifty inch range. Both pure strain musky and tiger muskies are available for anglers to pursue.


Minnesota offers many great musky fishing options for angers. Leech Lake, Cass Lake, Mantrap Lake, and Lake Vermilion  are just a few in the Northern part of the state that offer anglers opportunities at some monster fish.  In the South western part of the state the Alexandria Area has a couple gems that grow good numbers of musky. Lake Oscar and Lobster Lake are our two favorites.


If the world record musky is going to be caught within the next five years most believe it will come out of Green Bay. Green Bay is a world class fishery with muskies reaching monstrous sizes. Wisconsin also has a lot of great musky lakes in Vilas County and the Hayward area  in Northern Wisconsin.


At the top of our list for +A musky fishing lakes in Michigan has to be Lake St. Clair. With its large expansive weed beds and open water opportunities multiple musky days are common. Lake St. Clair is a musky factory.


The are some many great options for musky north of the boarder. If your looking for larger lakes that crack our list check out Lake of the Woods, Eagle Lake and Lac Suel. All have well established musky populations with fishing exceeding fifty five inches. If you are interested in some smaller sized lakes Cedar, Perrault, Cliff are our top musky lakes to fish.

There are a bunch of great musky fishing lakes across the Upper Midwest and into Canada that are home to some truly monstrous fish.

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