Ice Fishing Largemouth Bass

Ice Fishing Largemouth Bass

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Ice Fishing Largemouth Bass: Largemouth bass are one of the most underrated species of fish to target through the ice. They are still quite active and can be caught in large numbers on many lakes. In this video, Jeremy Smith and Mike Hehner chase largemouth bass and northern pike with tip-ups and micro jigs.

Ice fishing for largemouth bass is a unique experience that many anglers don’t take advantage of. Mike and Jer, two experienced ice fishermen, recently went out on a lake in clear central Minnesota to share their tips and tricks for catching bass through the ice.

Finding the Right Spot

The key to finding the right spot for bass fishing is to use a camera to see the weeds. If the weeds are too thick, it can be difficult to put down lines and minnows, as they can get caught in the weeds and the fish will be lost.

Old-School Arctic Fishing

Mike and Jer use an old-school Arctic Fisherman spooled with Dacron line  with a three to four inch high terminal, a number one not one-to-one out Kahle hook, two feet of 12-pound fluorocarbon, a swivel, and a couple of split shots to keep it down. Bass love it and can’t resist the shiner.


Jeremy is jigging away with some little plastics. Bass are a weird fish in the wintertime and will hit a big minnow like this, but they will also bite tiny little jigs or wax worms.

Dead Sticking

Mike is fishing with a panfish setup and shaking it ever so slightly. If there is a little flex, he knows he has a fish. He also uses a dead stick with a tight line, which is a great option for catching bass.

Watching Fish on a Camera

Watching fish on a camera can tell you a lot about what they do and what kind of bait they prefer. Mike and Jer watched a big pike circle a minnow for a long time before finally taking the bait.


Mike and Jer had a great day of ice fishing for largemouth bass. They caught some nice fish and learned a lot about the behavior of bass and what kind of bait they prefer. It’s amazing how much you can learn about fish by watching them on a camera.

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