Beginner Bass Tactics

Beginner Bass Tactics

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Beginner Bass Tactics

For beginner bass anglers, there are a few key tactics to keep in mind when out on the water. Beginner bass tactics like stick worms, topwater, and lightweight jig heads tipped with soft plastic worms, grubs or tubes are easy to use, effective, and loads of fun — they catch fish like crazy!

Stick Worms

When bass are in the shallow to mid-range depths, a stick worm rigged wacky style with a circle hook is a great option. It casts well on medium spinning gear, is surprisingly weedless, and because of the circle hook, not paying attention to the strike is not as big of a deal. Most of the time, bass will set the hooks themselves in the corner of their mouths with less worries of good hook sets.


For weed flats, a topwater, especially the popper or prop 8, is a great option for one that stays above the weeds. With a little practice, working them is relatively easy and like all topwaters, it’s visual. The fish get to see and hear the bait working and seeing the strikes is what memories are made of.

Grubs and Tubes

For bass in deeper water, like when they’re holding on a weed edge, a worm grub or a tube rigged on a mushroom head jig is tough to beat. The easiest way to get them on fish is simply to take a medium cast behind the boat and just hold the rod while you maneuver the boat along the weed edge, affectionately referred to as moping. This method can be effective even when your fishing buddies are busy eating snacks.


Nothing feels more rewarding than success when fishing. Nice fish, making a nice job, and fishing partners for life is awesome in anyone’s book. With the right tactics and a little practice, beginner bass anglers can have a successful and enjoyable time out on the water.

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