Fall Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass in Clear Water

Fall Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass in Clear Water

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Largemouths and smallmouth bass in clear water may use different depths and cover options in fall. Fishing partners should use alternative lure styles to strain different depths.

Every day on the water offers a new learning experience, and fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass in clear water is no exception. To learn the secrets to success, experimentation is the most efficient means for determining where the fish are located and what they’re willing to bite. When you work as a team to cover the extremes, you’ll quickly learn and earn the secrets to success.

Lure Presentations for Clear Water

Two lakes in the upper Midwest have lots of smallmouth and largemouth bass. When one species dominates, there’s way more largemouth or smallmouth present. However, the particular lake discussed here is one of those rare gems with an equal population of both.

In clear water conditions, a few specific lure presentations are usually the most effective. A drop shot rig with a four or five-inch worm is a great option. Texas rigging these baits with a fluorocarbon line will unquestionably get your board bites. Jigging is another option, and slow swimming a jig will catch bass of all colors.

Topwater lures can be cast a long distance from the boat, which helps minimize spooking the fish. Jerkbaits like a Rapala XRap  are also good Clearwater options. Fishing these fast and already last will often trigger strikes. For heavy cover situations, midsize jigs and craw combinations are usually pretty effective.

Patterning Fish on Clear Water Lakes

When patterning fish on clear water lakes, it’s important to remember to not fish the same bait, size, or color. The guy in the front should fish a different bait than the guy in the back, and you’ll catch a whole lot more fish.


Fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass in clear water can be a rewarding experience. With the right lure presentations and techniques, you can cover a lot of water and catch a variety of bass. Experimentation is the key to success, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

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