crankbaits in weeds

Crankbaits in Weeds for Bass


When it comes to fishing for bass in weed cover, most anglers wouldn’t use crankbaits. James Lindner and Dan Quinn show you why need to use crankbaits in weeds.

Crankbaits in Weeds for Bass

When it comes to fishing bass in weed cover, most anglers reach for a jig, Carolina Rig, or some other soft plastics, but one bait that isn’t thrown often is crankbaits.

Throwing crankbaits in weeds allows you to cover lots of ground and fish fast. You will put your bait in front of more fish and in return have more opportunities for bites.

One really important aspect of fishing crankbaits in weeds is boat control.

When running along these weed lines it is so important to keep your boat in the right zone. You don’t want to be too close to the weed line because you will spook the fish, but you also want to make sure you are within casting distance of the weed line to unsure you’re putting your baiting front of the fish.

Another important aspect to crankbait fishing in weeds is the pause and rip action. A lot of times you will get that strike after you hang up on weeds and rip it out.

You will want to play with your cadence and give your crankbait some jerks and pauses during your retrieve.

Ripping your bait crankbait gives it a darting/ fleeing action similar, to a jerk bait, that really triggers strikes.

As far as choosing crankbait to use, it all depends on the depth of the weed line. As a general rule of thumb choose a bait that can dive within two to four feet of the bottom. That insure your are getting down into the strike zone.

crankbaits for bass

If you run into a weed line that is too dense to run crankbaits through it you can cast a few baits that will work over top of it like the Rapala Brat, Rapala DT 6, 8, 10 or a Storm Wiggle Wart.

All three of these baits are great options for bass holding tight in the weed beds.

Crankbaits are a great weed line presentation that will help you catch more bass mid-summer.

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