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4 BEST Musky Spots for Trophy Musky

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4 BEST Musky Spots for Trophy Musky

Everyone wants to know: What are the best musky spots? In the last twenty-five years, musky fishing has changed dramatically. Stocking and angler ethics, along with better tools and equipment that minimize delayed mortality of released fish have all contributed to the great fishing we have today.

Northwest Ontario

Northwest Ontario

The first area is big, real big — that’s Northwest Ontario. There are tons of musky lakes to choose from: Lake of the Woods, Eagle, Lac Seul, Wabigoon and the Winnipeg River are some of the better choices.

Northwest Ontario is home to some of the best musky spots for musky anglers looking to target big fish in remote locations.

The early season bite tends to be focus around weeds. As the season progresses, the shallow rock bite starts to come into play usually in the latter part of July. Great accommodations, beautiful surrounding, more spots than you could fish in a lifetime, and lots of fish. This place is simply heaven for musky fishing fanatics!

lake vermilion

Lake Vermilion

We have two primetime picks in Minnesota, the first is Lake Vermilion. This is big lake at 40,000 acres with 365 islands. The lake has been stocked for over 25 years, and its fertile water grows some real horses.

What makes Vermilion great is the diversity of angling options. Many of the guides on the lake troll open water in early season.

Throughout the summer into fall there’s a good casting bite. Late season its trolling and casting soft plastics. No matter how you like to fish, you can catch ‘em on Big V.

leech lake

Leech lake

The next Minnesota lake we want to focus on is the fabled Leech Lake. Leech has long been known as one of North America’s top musky fisheries and is still a top destination today.

Coming in at over hundred thousand acres, its Minnesota’s third largest lake. Leech is a maze of weed beds, rocky points and sunken islands, all of which provide perfect habitat for big muskies. Most musky anglers on the lake tend to fish fast with classic bucktails, jerkbaits, topwater and crankbait presentations.

There are several great spots to fish, including Pelican Reef, North Bar, Mokie, and the Submarine just to name a few of the better options.

Green Bay best musky spot

Green Bay

The last Muskie hotspot is Green Bay, Wisconsin. This is a stocked fishery and it’s been kicking out MONSTERS the past few years. Most of the main musky action revolves in and around the lower bay. Trolling moderate sized crankbaits like the Rapala Super Shad is one of the key techniques.

Many of the guides and musky commandos of the Bay focus their efforts on subtle bottom compositional changes and weeds beds. Trolling multiple lines and boards increases the odds of hooking a whopper.

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