Musky and Pike Summer Locations

Musky and Pike Summer Locations

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Musky and Pike Summer Locations

Bay and island complexes provide good musky and pike habitat all year long. Fish shift between different types of habitat as the season progresses.


In mid-summer, muskies and pike can be found in lake structures such as rock reefs, points, and island complexes. However, this year has been unusual with record high water conditions and cooler temperatures, so they have been finding most of the fish on shoreline weeds and rock, and even some at the mouths of weedy bays.

The best way to put a program together is to sample many different types of habitats and see if there is a structure or cover type the fish prefer. He suggested looking for large structures that have all the elements, such as an island complex near shore with big water access that has a weed bay, boulder shoreline, broken rock point, island saddle, and a shell rock hump all in close proximity.

Lake of the Woods is littered with these types of structures, so it’s worth taking note of what type of habitat you see or catch fish on and refining the search.

Catching Fish

One of the bonuses of fishing in Northwest Ontario is that you get big jacks. He also shared that oftentimes when you catch big pike on the same spots, you’re also fishing for muskies.

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