Walleye Jig

Killer Bait for Catching Negative Walleye


Kevan Paul talks about using panfish-style jigs for catching negative walleye. It’s an under-looked strategy that flat-out catches fish when other presentation don’t cut it. The key to choose the right jig is having a large enough hook to hook and handle walleyes, which is why the Clam Drop Jig XL has been the go-to choice.

Killer Bait for Catching Negative Walleye

Hey guys, Kevin here! I want to talk to you about downsizing or using smaller baits for walleye fishing. Last year really opened up my mind to trying new things. In previous years, I always used jig and wraps, ripping wraps, big blade baits, rattle and spoons, buck shots, and all these different things. But last year was an eye-opener for me.

I remember a particular experience at Clear Lake that really drove this point home. We were catching 25-26 inch walleyes and eelpout using just a tiny tungsten jig tipped with a minnow head. I know my buddies back home are going to be surprised because that’s what’s been happening for the last two years on Clear Lake. And I believe it would probably happen on a lot more lakes if people gave it a try.

Now, let me show you this jig I’ve been using for the last five days. It’s beat up, the paint is starting to come off, but it’s still catching fish. I’ve caught a 32-inch pike, a 26-inch walleye, and even Scott’s first-ever eelpout, which was probably eight to ten pounds. I’ve also caught multiple slot fish in the 20-inch range. And all of this with just one jig.

Now, I know it might seem funny to some people, but this little jig has been dynamite for me. The colors may be a little different from what we use back home, but up here on Lake of the Woods, glow red is the go-to color. And let me tell you, it works.

So, if there’s one thing I can teach you or tell you, it’s to try downsizing the next time you go out to that rock pile or that reef. These fish are feeding on shrimp and crawfish, and this tiny jig is about the same length as a shrimp. It doesn’t look a whole lot different when it’s bouncing on the bottom. Small presentations can have a big impact.

I hope you guys give it a try and catch a lot more fish. And remember, take a kid fishing and let’s have a good, safe season.

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