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Crankbaits vs Jigs for Spring Walleyes

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Crankbaits vs Jigs for Spring Walleyes

Crankbaits vs Jigs for Spring Walleyes: Which is best? This is a question many fisherman face during the spring bite and Al and James Lindner have a few tips and tricks to figure out which one you should use.

Now if you have multiple anglers in the boat then it is real easy to choose between crankbaits vs jigs. Just have each angler try one of each and match retrieve speed and rod tip action and see what the fish want. If you don’t have that option it all starts with determining what stage the fish are in. Are the post spawn, pre spawn, or somewhere in between. Water temperature and time of year will help determine this.

Once you have an idea on what the stage the fish are in that will give you and idea of the speed to fish your bait. Sometimes, its a fast retrieve and sometimes it’s a pump-and-pause. Other times, a slow crawl. Fish will tell you which they prefer by striking.

Generally, pre spawn walleye tend to want slower presentations, and as the water warms up post spawn fish are more willing to chase down a bait.

Choose a bait to start with whether it is a crank bait or a jig. Pay attention to your retrieve speed, color choice and action of the bait. All these factors make a difference.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to change baits often. Change colors, sizes and switch back and forth from crankbaits to jigs until you dial it in.

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