Green Bay Walleye

Green Bay Walleye


I’m not talking the pigskin…I’m talking about the other green and gold in Green Bay….the walleye!

The bite is in full swing right now on the bay.  The shallow structure on the East shore is producing great numbers of eater sized walleyes with any South or West winds.  Casting crankbaits, jigging raps, Lunkerhunt Fillets or snap jigging swimbaits are all great ways to catch fish off the structure.  Trolling flicker shads, flicker minnows, Krakens or Salmos has also been very productive.  Key in on the tops of the reefs or the wind blown edges.

The bigger fish have been hanging out over the mud flats chasing the large schools of baitfish which are present everywhere in the bay right now.  Use your electronics with down or side imaging to find the schools of bait and set your crankbaits to roughly the same depth.  Try different speeds and sizes of crankbaits to figure out what the fish want that particular day.  The purples, whites and blues have been really good.  We’ve found that the fish have been hitting outside lines as we make turns suggesting that they want to chase down their food are are triggered by the fast movements of the baits.  #11 flicker minnows or the 800 series Reef Runners have been our bait of choice.  On the days where the fish seem a little finicky, crawler harnesses with 1oz. inline weight ran 25-45 feet out has been dynamite for us as well.

The weed bite in some of the bays on the West shore shouldn’t be overlooked either.  Pulling spinners over the tops of the weeds will get you a mixed bag of walleyes, pike, perch and the normal sheepshead.

As the water cools, fish will eventually move to the deeper structure and jigging for these fish will by dynamite!

Get out and enjoy what Green Bay has to offer and please respect these giant fish!

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