Euro Larvae

Dave Genz: Euro Larvae for Panfish


Legendary ice angler Dave Genz talks fishing Euro Larvae for panfish – why it’s successful and how he likes to rig ’em up.

My favorite live bait to use today while ice fishing for panfish is euro larva.

The euro larvae or colored spikes, as they as also called, come in a variety of colors and are pretty durable. They also give off a bunch of scent in the water which I feel really makes a big difference for the fish.

I like to put two or three on my jig and hook them so they hang off and wiggle in different directions. Really load up the jig or spoon. If I am using a treble hook I may put six of them on there. Don’t be afraid to beef up your presentation using the spikes.

Another thing I will do if I haven’t caught a fish in a while or if I’m having fish come in and look but not bite is add a fresh euro larvae to the end of my jig.

I’ve found it really makes a difference and I really believe it has to do with all the scent that they produce and the amount of wiggle they have in the water.

Rigging Euro Larvae

Dave Genz explains that Euro Larvae can be rigged by lightly hooking them on the end. These larvae have a small scent sack at the end, which releases a fresh flavor into the water, attracting panfish. For smaller hooks, Genz suggests using three Euro Larvae to increase the bait’s appeal. However, for larger hooks like a number eight, you can pack several Euro Larvae onto the hook.

Enhancing the Bait’s Attractiveness ———————————– To enhance the attractiveness of Euro Larvae as bait, Dave Genz shares a unique tip. He recalls a time when he was demonstrating the effectiveness of a feather jig with trimmed feathers at a bait shop. As he handled the feathers, he noticed that the scent from the Euro Larvae had soaked into them. Curious, he dipped the hook with the scented feathers into the bait tank, and to his surprise, the panfish in the tank started pecking at it. This experience led Genz to realize the importance of scent in attracting fish.

The Scent Factor

Euro Larvae have a clear liquid scent that comes from the small scent sack at the end of the bait. Genz believes that this scent plays a significant role in attracting panfish. He even demonstrates the scent on his finger, showing the clear liquid that comes out of the bait. According to Genz, the scent is what makes Euro Larvae the number one selling bait in the world, especially in Europe where it is exclusively used for catching small fish.


Euro Larvae, or colored spikes, are a highly effective bait for panfish fishing. Rigging them by lightly hooking them on the end allows the fresh flavor from the scent sack to disperse into the water, attracting panfish. Additionally, Genz’s tip of using scented feathers to enhance the bait’s attractiveness further emphasizes the importance of scent in successful panfish fishing. So, the next time you’re out on the water, consider using Euro Larvae as bait and experience the difference it can make in your fishing success.

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