Walleye spoon tips

Walleye Spoon Tips, Tweaks, And Strategies

Brian Brosdahl

Brian Brosdahl

November 17, 2019

Walleye Spoon Tips; expert walleye stick Brian Brosdahl shares a few spoon/minnow tweaks that might help you catch a few more walleyes this ice fishing season.

When I start fishing with a spoon you’ll notice that I’m not just using a minnow head and that I am actually using half of the body. I like to start out bigger and if that isn’t working I will then switch over to just the head of a minnow.

Today I am using a Northland Glo Shot Spoon. I am using the gold-colored spoon with a red glow stick. Some tweaks I like to make to my spoons include an upsized hook. I also prefer color hooks and in this spoons case, I used an upsized pink treble hook.

I also like adding a second split ring. This adds some action to the spoon and also helps with your hook up percentage. Now another I like to do and something that I do every time before dropping my bait down is test the action of the bait in the water.

By doing this I can see how my bait will react to different movements and I will also have an idea of how the bait is moving in front of the fish.

Using these walleye spoon tips will help you catch more fish this winter.

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