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Things to Do in Alexandria, MN


The Alexandria area of western Minnesota has some phenomenal fishing opportunities, no doubt, but there’s more outdoor activities to enjoy aside from wetting a line. Recreational boating, beautiful lodges, and lakefront restaurants are just a few great options. Special thanks to Joe Scegura for letting us hop in the boat and catch a few Alex ‘eyes.

Things to Do in Alexandria, MN

Are you looking for a perfect destination that offers a variety of outdoor activities for the whole family? Look no further than Alexandria, MN. Located in the heart of Minnesota, this area is not only known for its phenomenal fishing but also for its beautiful resorts, shopping, beaches, and bike trails. In this article, we will explore the many things you can experience in Alexandria, MN.

Fishing in Alexandria

One of the main attractions in Alexandria is the fishing. With its clear lakes and abundant fish populations, it’s a paradise for anglers. Joe Segura, a local guide and contributor to the angling buzz community, explains that the area offers tremendous walleye fisheries, as well as panfish, northern pike, and bass. The lakes are stocked by the biking sportsman, ensuring a thriving fishing ecosystem.

Resorts and Lodging

When visiting Alexandria, you’ll find a range of resorts to choose from. One of the largest resorts in the area is Arrowwood, which not only offers comfortable accommodations but also features a big water park. This makes it a popular destination for families, especially during the winter when ice fishing is a popular activity. Guests can enjoy a day out on the ice and then head back to the water park to relax and have fun with the kids. Arrowwood also offers hotel rooms right at the water park, providing convenience and easy access to all the amenities.

Restaurants on the Water

After a long day of fishing or exploring the outdoors, there’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal at one of the restaurants right on the water in Alexandria. These restaurants offer a picturesque setting where you can relax, grab a burger, and enjoy the beautiful views. Joe Segura mentions that on hot and calm days, it’s a great idea to take a break from fishing, head to one of these restaurants, and then go back out for the evening walleye bite. It’s the perfect way to refuel and continue your fishing adventure.

Family Fun and Outdoor Activities

While fishing is a major draw in Alexandria, there’s so much more to do in this area. It’s a great destination for families, offering a wide range of outdoor activities. Whether you’re into swimming, boating, biking, or simply enjoying the natural beauty of the lakes, Alexandria has something for everyone. Joe Segura describes Alexandria as the “postcard for Minnesota summers,” where families can wake up, go fishing, and engage in a variety of fun activities.


Alexandria, MN is a destination that offers a perfect blend of fishing, outdoor activities, and family fun. With its clear lakes, abundant fish populations, and beautiful resorts, it’s a paradise for anglers and vacationers alike. Whether you’re looking to catch walleye, relax at a water park, or enjoy a meal with a view, Alexandria has it all. So pack your fishing gear, gather your family, and head to Alexandria for an unforgettable summer getaway.

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