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The Importance of Jig Weight for Ice Fishing

by | Feb 13, 2019 | 0 comments

When you are facing high pressure situations with neutral or negative panfish, one of the best ways to trigger those fish into biting is by adjusting your jig weight and the drop speed of your presentation.

The Importance of Jig Weight

Jig weight can be critically important when you’re out ice fishing for panfish. Heavier baits can be very effective and efficient when you’re targeting active fish that are more willing to bite.

On the other end of the spectrum, a smaller profile tungsten lure might be optimal when you need to coax hesitant biters.

The overall attitude of the fish in a lake can vary from hour to hour, so be ready to change in a hurry when things shift!

Because things can change so quickly on the ice it is important to be prepared with multiple jigs sizes and colors. A simple change from a 1/32 oz to a 1/64 oz jig can make all the difference.

Some days going to a heavier bait is going to trigger more strikes. Monitoring your drop speed and jig weight is one thing you can do as an angler to put more fish topside in tough fishing conditions.

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