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Lure Modifications for Eelpout

by | Nov 15, 2022 | 0 comments

Just about every lure can be fished straight out of the package, but there are a few lure modifications you can make to improve and enhance your baits.

Lure Modifications for Eelpout

There are three lure modifications you should make to your baits, especially if plan on targeting burbot (a.k.a. eelpout) this winter.


rattle chamber lure modifications

Rattle spoons have been a staple in ice fishing for years and they work exceptionally well for those bigger predatory species like walleye, northern pike, bass and burbot.

Rattles will call fish in from a distance and work great during low light times or after dark.

You can purchase rattle chambers that hang off your bait, or you can attach them with glue or by tying them on. Rattles are easy to attach and will help improve your lure.


There are quite a few choices when adding hair/feathers to your baits. Bucktail, marabou, rabbit strips, are just a few of the options.

lure modifications hair jig

Adding hair or feathers is going to give your baits more action in the water and it also holds scent well. It can be attached to jigs or on the end of a treble hook.

Adding hair to your lures can be a huge benefit. It’s fairly easy to-do and well worth the effort.

Glow Paints

Most eelpout lures come in glow colors, but if they don’t it’s definitely something you’ll want to add. Generally, burbot are most active at night and because of this most anglers target them after dark.

lure modifications glow paint

Having spoons and jigs that glow in the dark is just another advantage and it helps attract fish in from a distance. You can use a number of different glow paint colors like pink, yellow, white, but they key is to make sure they are bright and glow for awhile.

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