Wekusko Falls Lodge (2018)

Ice Fishing on a Whole Different Level – Wekusko Falls Lodge, Manitoba

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Located in the legendary Northern Region of Manitoba, Wekusko Falls Lodge is surrounded by some of the best ice fishing Canada has to offer. With 5 months of hardwater and unlimited multi-species ice fishing opportunities at their convenience, Wekusko has gained a reputable standing as a go-to destination with ice anglers from near and far. From giant golden walleyes to monster lake trout, huge northern pike to tank burbot, every angler is spoiled for choice when it comes to pursing hardwater trophies.

From fully guided to do-it-yourself package options, Wekusko Falls Lodge has you covered for any ice fishing vacation you may desire. It’s the perfect combination of big fish, multi-species, easy access, real wilderness and amazing value. Join Bryan and Elissa Bogdan on an ice fishing adventure you won’t soon forget!

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