Fall Walleye Baits

2 Killer Walleye Baits for Fall Fishing

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Brad Hawthorne, one of the top walleye guides in the state, explains how he targets fall walleyes on the following Minnesota Walleye Factories:

– Lake of the Woods
– Leech Lake
– Mille Lacs Lake

Water temperatures are plummeting downward and walleyes all across the north country taking off for their autumn haunts. The best presentations for targeting these transition ‘eyes changes as the temperatures continue to drop can be used across the state to produce fish. In many systems, bait will begin running up into various feeder rivers, which will concentrate hefty walleye that are putting on the feedbag.

When fishing for fall walleyes, making small adjust can be crucial.  Make sure to adjust as we get deeper and deeper into fall. Brad does a good job of explaining how his tactics change throughout the months.

Even though jigs and Rapala Shad Raps have been around forever, it is hard to argue with what works. I have had several days during the fall when trolling Shad Raps out-produces Lindy rigging with redtail chubs. Matching the forage and adjusting your speed is the key to producing fish on the Shad Rap in fall.

When it comes to jigs, using a thumper jig with a rainbow minnow or redtail chub is hard to beat, especially once that water gets below forty-five degrees.


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