KILLER Spring Walleye Spots

KILLER Spring Walleye Spots

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KILLER Spring Walleye Spots

The top spring walleye spots are on every walleye angler’s mind.

Almost everywhere with decent walleye fishing is good in the spring, but we’ve got a few fisheries we really enjoy fishing this time of year.
Here’s just a few:

Detroit River

Detroit River (MI)

Starting out east, Michigan offers many great walleye waters throughout the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, but when it comes to early season numbers and pure trophy potential, it’s hard to top the Detroit River where the walleye season never closes!

From what we’ve been hearing, vertical jigging heavy lead and plastics and hand-lining the current continue to put big walleyes in the boat.
> Detroit River Maps/Spots (Fishidy)


Lake Winnebago

Lake Winnebago (WI)

At nearly 140,000 acres, Lake Winnebago is the Badger State’s largest inland lake, drawing anglers from across the region. The attraction? Winnebago is a walleye factory and hard to beat this time of year. There is great fishing to be had in the Fox and Wolf River tributaries, as well as the main lake.

Green Bay is another top spring walleye fishery that offers huge trophy potential with fishing exceeding double digits caught regularly. Both Lake Winnebago and Green Bay are must visit spring walleye spots.
> Lake Winnebago Maps/Spots (Fishidy)


Lake Vermilion

Lake Vermilion (MN)

Minnesota’s expansive Lake Vermilion has all the stuff walleye need: oodles of forage, rock, weeds, sand, gravel, and the wind and water movement required for successful spawns each year.
What’s the best way to catch Vermilion walleyes? Pretty much any way you want, from rigging, jigging, trolling to Jig Rapping.
> Lake Vermilion Maps/Spots (Fishidy)

Leech Lake

Leech Lake (MN)

Minnesota walleye anglers are looking forward to another great MN fishing opener on Leech Lake, where fish are abundant on relatively shallow flats, rocks and points throughout the lake. With plenty of eaters and good numbers of fish, too. Definitely a hot-spot.

Alexandria Region (MN)

Anglers can’t turn around without discovering a new favorite walleye lake in west central Minnesota’s Alexandria region. With some 400 lakes in the area, there’s a lot to explore. The largest lake in the region, Miltona, is simply one of those rare lakes where you can catch walleyes shallow to deep in the same day. There’s plenty of walleye in and around the lake’s green weeds, as well as the hard bottom humps. There’s plenty of big fish potential and a bunch of different lakes to give you a variety of different spring walleye spots.
> Alexandria Chain Maps/Spots (Fishidy)

Missouri River

Missouri River (ND/SD)

From Montana’s Fort Peck to Lake Sakakawea in Norther Dakota to Oahu and Francis Case in South Dakota, the Missouri River system is one of the country’s top spring walleye spots.
While many fishermen rush to the big water reservoirs, there are countless miles of river, too. And you can fish all day without seeing another boat!
> Lake Sakakawea Maps/Spots (Fishidy)
> Lake Oahe Maps/Spots (Fishidy)
> Francis Case Maps/Spots (Fishidy)

Hawk Lake

Hawk Lake (ON)

Heading north into Ontario’s Sunset Country, Hawk Lake is known to produce some true trophies. Instead of a walleye fisheries where you would catch hundreds of small walleyes, you’re targeting fish that typically start at 24 inches and go up from there. Hawk Lake Lodge offers 5 star food and accommodations, along with an excellent opportunity for monster ‘eyes. It’s classic Canadian walleye fishing at it’s finest.

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