The King of Crankbait Storage

by | Feb 22, 2018 | 0 comments

We have all found ourselves in a situation were the crank bait we’d like to use is attached to five others in a tangle mess of hooks. In this video our good buddy Alex Keszler shows us his simple, tangle-proof storage system for crankbait storage.

We call Alex the king of crank baits because he loves trolling and using crank baits and for the system he created, all you need is is a box of rubber bands, a couple tubberware containers and then you’re crank baits. It is a cheap and effective way to store a large amount of crank baits in one box without having to deal with a tangled mess.

When you look at the way he keeps his crank baits, the interesting thing he does this little rubber band technique. What he does is take a rubber band and hooks it around the front treble hook. Then you just wrap it around the back treble hook until you get to the end of the rubberband. Then you just hook the end back onto the same treble hook you started with. By doing this it keeps the treble hooks close to the bait and unable to hook onto other baits. Once you go to use your bait you just unwrap the rubberband and place it in the box for when you are done. Make sure to carry a few spare rubber bands for when one breaks.

What I like to do is carry three boxes. I’ll have one box for all my crank baits that dive between zero and ten feet. Then I will have a box for crank baits that dive deeper than ten feet. My last box will be a mix between lipless crank baits, longer stickbaits and any other miscellaneous baits I want to store that way. Whether you like trolling for Walleyes or Salmon, or casting for pike and bass, this is a great system for your crankbait storage.

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