3 Ways to Catch Winter Walleyes on the Mississippi River (Pool 4)

3 Ways to Catch Winter Walleyes on the Mississippi River (Pool 4)


Travis Sorokie breaks down his arsenal for watching walleyes on Pool 4 of the Mississippi River in Red Wing, Minnesota. Here’s a quick breakdown:

#1 – A spin jig tipped with a minnow

You’re going to catch a lot of fish with this rig, but it’s much better for numbers than it is for big fish. It’s also not ideal when it’s really, really cold out. Dipping your hands in and out of the minnow bucket isn’t ideal in the dead of winter. Despite it’s downsides, this is probably the best way to catch a BUNCH of fish out on the river. Travis’s favorite is the Northland Fire-Ball Spin Jig.

#2 – A paddle tail minnow on a 3/8 oz jig

This presentation is more likely to catch your larger walleyes and saugers. Experiment with colors and depth ranges until you’ve dialed in the bite. If the paddle tail bite is going well, consider switching to the Dubuque Rig to further refine your approach. Running two baits on one rig allows you to experiment with more shapes and colors.

#3 – A bladebait

Although they aren’t talked about nearly as much, blade baits can be very effective out on Pool 4. Your best bet is going to be a 1/4 oz bait fished on a standard Jigging Rap rod/reel setup. When the fish get going on the blade bite, hold on tight because it can be a fantastic bite.

Make sure to watch the video to get a closer look at Travis Sorokie’s baits.

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