Top Musky Lures for the Summer Months

Top Musky Lures for the Summer Months

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Muskie fishing is a percentage game, using lures that allow you to cover water quickly, eliminate unproductive areas, zero in on fish location and habitat, contact active biters and make them strike! Different lure styles provide their own unique combinations of depth, speed, vibration, profile, color and action. Carry a broad selection, match them to the conditions, put your time in, and muskies will respond with a vengeance!

Fishing for musky in the summer months can be a challenge, but with the right lures and techniques, it can be a rewarding experience. Jim and Jen, two experienced musky anglers, recently visited a spot with all the makings of a great musky spot. It had rock, weeds, a saddle area, and an island complex.

Jim and Jer focused on four primary presentations: bucktails, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and topwaters. Each of these lures has its own advantages and can be used in different situations.

Bucktail Spinner Bait

The double blades of the bucktail spinner bait create a lot of vibration and lift, making it perfect for shallow, weedy spots. Jim and Jen used double tens or double eights to ride over the tops of the cabbage spots.


The crankbait is great for making contact with the cover and triggering a fish. The UV pattern has been a great choice for Jim and Jer in the past.

Jointed Flat Stick

The jointed flat stick is perfect for dirty water. It’s loud and can be heard underwater, making it a great choice for rocky spots.

Top Water

Top water is a great choice for summer musky fishing. It’s a magical presentation that fish love. Jim and Jen haven’t thrown it much yet today, but it’s always something they have tied up to one rod in the water.


Jim and Jer have had success with these four primary presentations. With the right lures and techniques, musky fishing in the summer months can be a rewarding experience.

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