100 inches of Musky in one Net!

100 inches of Musky in one Net!

by | Oct 26, 2016 | 0 comments

The Minnesota fall musky bite is in full swing, and while its not uncommon to catch a 50+ inch musky throughout the cold water period, it’s extremely rare to catch two of them at the same time.

Well in this video, that exact phenomenon happens!

Here’s a short synopsis of the events that unfolded:

Sam Bauer was working a shallow running jerkbait over a massive weed flat when he had a big musky follow him up to the boat. The fish examined the bait for a period of time, but decided not to bite.

Not long after that encounter, Jason Aleshire saw the bobber go down on his sucker rig. He got a good hookset on the fish and quickly fought it up to the boat. After a good look at the fish, it was obvious this was the same musky (51 inches) that was trailing Sam’s jerkbait just a few minutes earlier.

Before they could get the big musky in the net, they noticed there was another big ‘skie (49 inches) following close behind. Once Jason’s fish was in the net, Nick Lindner tossed his sucker out to the big follower. This was about the time Sam Bauer pulled out his phone and started filming the scene.

Musky #2 t-boned Nick’s sucker and the fight was on! After a short battle, the crew had 100 inches of musky inside their big Stowmaster net.

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