Flatline Trolling for Muskies

Flatline Trolling for Muskies

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Flatline Trolling for Muskies

In spring, we often troll with smaller profile crankbaits or spinnerbaits for suspended muskies over deep water throughout the warm summer months.

Still, there are so many different presentation options and choices based on the time of day the time of year the current conditions the depth. So how you make the right choice at the right time, let’s look into that a little bit more flat line trolling is a technique that can in spring and fall.

Crankbaits like Rapala Super Shad or Storm Flat Stick are good options for banging rock structures for dense weed situations.

Trolling safety-pin or inline spinners The Super-Boo inline spinnerbait is that we’ve been playing with and helped those guys design over the last year or so in bucktails, of course, are always a go-to any time the waters warm for Muskies.

Safety pin spinnerbaits are prime choices to comb expansive weed flats cold water conditions large crank beats like giant flat sticks or even soft baits like a Kicking Minnow are perfect or slow trolling run deeper edges of a rock pile.

Speed trolling real shallow with blue fox inline Super Boo spinnerbaits is an excellent go-to tactic to put muskies in on the boat.

“Good musky structures are really multi-leveled, according to James Lindner. “Some spots, for instance, have bull rushes up on the inside we actually have a whole series of them moderate depth boulder fields. This is adjacent to big five to eight-foot flats that eventually lead into deep water.”

“When muskies are feeding, they’ll move up and down on these structures. That why trolling is so effective on massive spots. It would take you a really long time to cast overall this different area trolling enables us to cover water quickly if the fish, especially when the feeding windows are narrow.

Often with muskie fishing, you can fish for 18 or 19 hours and maybe not touch a fish, then all of a sudden a window opens are you catch two or three in a half hour— which is classic when it comes to muskie fishing.

High-speed trolling bucktails is works for covering lots of water and triggering strikes. For instance, oftentimes casting and cranking as hard as you can to retrieve the lure triggers the most strikes on a given day. But it’s a workout. Trolling is easy, and if speed is the triggering factor, it’s a good tactic for covering lots of water and putting a good number of fish in the net.

It can be unbelievable how the muskies like speed.

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