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Northern Minnesota: 9-29-2023


Northern Minnesota: 9-29-2023

The leaves are beginning to change and the everything is beginning to bite really well in Northern Minnesota. Water temps are in the mid-sixties on most of our lakes in the area and the fall walleye bite is starting to pick up on Leech, Cass, Winnie and the surrounding area lakes.

Lindy rigging big minnows is producing a lot of fish, but walleyes can also be caught on swimbaits, slip bobbers, and puppet minnows. Look for walleyes on the edge of breaks and on large sand flats.

On windy days look anywhere from eight to eleven feet of water and on calm days focus on depths between fourteen and to twenty-two feet of water.

northern Minnesota

Smallmouth bass can be found on deep water rock structure anywhere from ten to twenty feet of water. Swimbaits, A-Rigs, and tubes have all been working. The bass are really starting to school up so if find one it’s a sure bet more are close by.

Crappies and bluegills can be found on the edge of the basins in fifteen to twenty-five feet of water. The schools can often be found near or on spots you catch them during first-ice. Small jigs pried with plastics and small Northland Puppet Minnows have been working.

Jumbo perch can be found on the shallow sand flats on Leech and Cass. Jigs paired with plastics or fathead minnows will catch plenty of perch.

Muskies can be caught on shallow rocky structure and on sharp breaks near deep water. Big bucktails, crankbaits, and big rubber baits are all turning muskies. The sucker bite should be starting off now as well.

The fishing is only going to get better as we progress further into fall. Good luck to everyone fishing in Northern Minnesota!

  • Brian Brosdahl


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