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Saskatchewan Fishing Buzz Bite Report 2-17-23

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Avid angler Tim Geni gives his latest Buzz Bite Report on the Saskatchewan fishing on February 17th, 2023.

Saskatchewan Fishing Buzz Bite Report 2-17-23

The walleye fishing continues to be good across much of Saskatchewan.

Tobin, Diefienbaker, Last Mountain, Pasqua Lake, Echo lake and others in the area are all producing lots of fish.

Look for walleyes on main lake points and humps in depths between fifteen to twenty five feet of water. Primetime hours early in the morning and late in the afternoon have been best, but you can still expect to catch fish consistently throughout the day.

Rattlebaits and spoons tipped with minnow heads continue to price a majority.

Anglers should also expect to catch perch, ciscos, burbot, and northern pike mixed in with the walleyes.

Northern pike can be caught in some of the shallow weedy bays in less than ten feet of water. Set lines and I Fish Pros are producing a majority of those fish.

As we get closer and closer to spring that bite is only going to get better.

Right now is a great time to plan a trip to enjoy some of the incredible Saskatchewan fishing. The late ice bite is right around the corner. Good luck to all the anglers fishing!

  • Tim Geni

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