big bluegills in weed beds

Ice Fishing Big Bluegills in Weed Flats

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Ice fishing for big bluegills in weed flats can produce some of the best bites you’ll have all winter. This bite is often overlooked and these shallow water weed beds can be home to some real giants.

Ice Fishing Big Bluegills in Weed Flats

Most anglers tend to focus on mud basins when targeting bluegills in winter, however shallow water weed flats are often home to some of the biggest bluegills in the lake.

These shallow water weed beds are home to lots of forage and predatory fish.

Target weed flats in less than twelve feet of water and that have standing green weeds. The key is to find standing vertical cover. Look for broadleaf weeds like cabbage and the greener it is the better.

One of the best tools for finding and identifying fish in shallow weed beds is the Aqua Micro Revolution 5.0 Pro. With its compact size and industry exclusive Integrated Revolution camera reel system you have the ability to stay mobile and locate fish in a hurry.

Remember that all weed beds aren’t created equal. Some may be too sparse and thin and some might not be green enough to hold fish. It may take some searching, but once you locate one bluegill it’s a sure bet more are close by.

As far as presentations go there are a lot of different ways to catch bluegills, but a small tungsten jig may be the most effective day in and day out.

Jigs like the VMC Bullfly jig are great options, because it does a great job mimicking small invertebrates. Another great option is the Clam Snow Drop XL paired with a wax worm or euro larvae.

Both are great presentations to catch these big bluegills in weeds.

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