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Panfish Rod: St. Croix Panfish Series


Jeremy Smith shares his favorite panfish rod for targeting bluegills and crappies with a variety of different presentations.

Panfish Rod: St. Croix Panfish Series

Panfish are fun to catch all year long. Whether you target them in shallow during the spring, or along the weed line during the sumemer months, having the right rod can be crucial depending on your presentation.

St. Croix Panfish series has been out for along time, but they recently redesigned it and these new rods are awesome.

Constructed with newly engineered SCII carbon fiber, and SCVI reinforcements, that is both stronger in flexural strength and lighter than its previous formulation. They comes in sizes from five feet up to nine feet long and in powers from ultra light to medium light.

panfish rod st croix

I personally like the 7 foot 3 inch rod in the series, because it has that extra fast action for maximum sensitivity, and because I am able to cast small jigs a long ways due to the length of the rod.

Overall it is a great panfish rod, and if you are in the market for a new stick I highly recommend you check out the panfish series by St. Croix.

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