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Northern Minnesota Buzz Bite Report 6-21-2022

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Minnesota guide Brian Brosdahl gives his latest Buzz Bite Report for Northern Minnesota (Red lake, Bemidji, Cass, Winnie area) on June 21st, 2022.

Northern Minnesota Buzz Bite Report 6-21-2022

It’s been windy up here in Northern Minnesota, but when the wind blows the walleyes bite.

The fishing has been excellent on most of our lakes up here, but Red Lake has been particularly good over the past few weeks. 

Anglers can expect to catch lots of walleyes pulling crankbaits and spinners on Red Lake. The Northland Rumble Bug in the color Wonderbread has been our best bait. 

Seven to eight feet of water has been the go-to depth range on Red.

On other lakes in the area you can still catch fish pitching and dragging jigs as well as Lindy rigging. Eleven feet, give or take a foot has kinda been the magic depth for walleyes on Leech and Winnie. On some of the ultra clear bodies of water look for walleyes in sixteen to nineteen feet. 

During the evening hours slip bobbers along the weed line in eleven feet of water will produce fish. 

The panfish have moved out into the weeds and can be found along the weed line in four to twelve feet of water. 

The northern pike and bass can be found in the weeds in less than ten feet of water.

Good luck to all the anglers out fishing this week and over the weekend!

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