setting up for burbot

Setting Up for Burbot in Your Yetti Fish House


Avid burbot anglers Jason Rylander and Brett McComas offer up a few tips on setting up for burbot in a Yetti Fish House.

Setting Up for Burbot in Your Yetti Fish House

When it comes to setting up for burbot in your Yetti fish house, there are a few things you can do to increase your odds.

The first and probably the most productive thing you can do is to set rattle reels. By using rattle reels you can have your bait down there in the strike zone overnight when burbot are most active.

There are a few ways to improve your chances with the rattle reel and the first is to use a number six VMC glow resin treble hook.

The VMC glow reign treble is a beefy hook that’s not going to bend. It has razor sharp points so the fish stay pinned, and it has a glow dot that brings fish in, especially during lowlight situations.

Another reason I like to use a treble hook is because I like to tail hook three fathead minnows. That way each minnow is swimming in a different direction and they are giving off a ton of flash and movement.

I like to place my set lines about three to six inches from the bottom.

Another thing you can do while targeting burbot in your fish house it to chum. If chumming is legal where you are fishing (it’s not legal in Minnesota) it will definitely help improve your odds.

It’s good way to keep fish around your house longer and it will alway attract fish.

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