sea foam in a snowmobile

Sea Foam in a Snowmobile

by | Feb 23, 2022 | 0 comments

As the ice season comes to a close, Brian Miller offers up a few tips and tricks on how to use Sea Foam in a snowmobile for end of the season maintenance.

Sea Foam in a Snowmobile

Snowmobile engines tend to have long off seasons. They get driven hard during the winter either on the trails or out ice fishing, and then will often go seven months or longer without being used. Because of this, its super important to clean and protect the engine before you store it away for the season.

Sea Foam is perfect for cleaning about protecting the engine of your machine. It is made from a gentle petroleum cleaning and lubrications oils so there is no need to be bashful when adding it.

Sea foam in a snowmobile fuel system works just like it would on other small engines like ATV’s and motorcycles. The same maintenance tips will apply to virtually all power sports equipment.

When you are going to put away your snowmobile, remove almost all of the gas out of the machine. Either run it to almost empty or siphon it out.

Next while it is running, add a full can of Sea Foam and run the machine for about five minutes or so. This will allow the Sea Foam to work throughout the entire system to help protect and lubricate the inner components of your engine. It will also help stabilize the remaining fuel.

Then once it is in park, use Sea Foam spray to lubricate and protect the cylinder cavities from corrosion.

Once you complete these steps your engine will be protect during the duration of its storage.

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