new ice fishing shelter

New Ice Fishing Shelter by Clam

by | Oct 25, 2022 | 0 comments

Jason Durham talks about all the awesome features in the fish trap line up as he shows off Clam’s new ice fishing shelter!

New Ice Fishing Shelter

The original fish trap was created by Dave Genz over forty years ago and today Clam Outdoors continues to make advancements and improvements on their ice fishing shelters year after year.

One thing you will notice with Clam’s new fish traps is that a majority of them they are XT.

XT stands for ‘extra tall’ and when you take a step into these new ice fishing shelters you can see why. With their new design Clam has increased the head space and made it easier for anglers to enter and exit their ice fishing shelter.

For those anglers that like to target lake trout, big pike, and sturgeon or for those anglers that fish with longer rods, the extra room gives anglers plenty of space for hooksets with those longer rods.

It also makes it much easier to drill holes inside of the shelter.

All of Clam’s new shelters have a heavy duty exterior and are insulated for those cold winter outings. They also come standard with co-extruded gray plastic for lighter color inside tub making it easier to locate gear.

Backed by a three year warranty, Clam’s fish traps and ice shelters are a must have for this upcoming ice season.

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