Strikemaster Lithium 24 V Auger

Strikemaster Lithium 24 V Auger

by | Nov 8, 2022 | 0 comments

Adam Rasmussen shows off his favorite ice auger for guiding, the Strikemaster lithium 24 V auger.

Strikemaster Lithium 24 V Auger

Over the past five years electric augers have really become the predominant auger seen out on the ice. They are quieter and cleaner than gas augers, and provide just as much power in a much lighter package.

They are an essential tool for all ice anglers, especially for those that like to stay mobile.

Last year Strikemaster released the Lithium 24 Volt auger.

Weighing in just under fifteen pounds the Strikemaster Lithium 24 V Auger is the lightest, most compact peak performer in it’s class.

It’s 24-volt, 4-amp Hour Lithium ION battery allows you to drill 50 holes through sixteen inches of ice with the eight inch bit. With a six inch bit you can drill 65 holes.

It comes with a 2-amp Charging Station which recharges battery in only two hours.

It’s light weight and portable and great option for those anglers who move around chasing roaming schools of panfish and walleyes.

Augers are an essential part of ice fishing gear and the Strikemaster Lithium 24 V is a must have this winter.

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