underwater walleye strikes

Underwater Walleye Strikes


Other than Panfish, walleyes are probably the most popular fish to target under the ice. Unlike panfish, they are incredibly difficult to record underwater. Over the past few years, Bill Lindner and Mike Hehner have gathered some underwater walleye strikes.

Here they share some of their favorite clips.

Watching underwater walleye strikes and footage is a great way to study how walleyes react to your bait. You are able to learn what triggers strikes and what causes walleyes to check out your bait, but pass on it. You are also able to see what the fish are keying in on and what kind of action they want on the particular day.

You are able to use underwater cameras to see the exact structure walleyes are relating too whether it is weeds, rocks, sand, mud or a combination.

Utilizing your under water camera when it comes to walleye forage is another tactic that you can use to match the hatch. If you happen to find a school of baitfish, drop the camera down to see what they are.  Whether it is small perch, minnows, or some other food source, it will give you an idea on what baits you should be using.

Underwater cameras are a great tool for open and hard water and help make you a better fisherman.

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