Fish house Deadstick

Fish House Deadstick Options

by | Feb 13, 2020 | 0 comments

Joel Nelson explains why you shouldn’t forget about deadsticks when you’re dangling set lines in your fish house.

You know there are a lot of different ways to fish in a wheelhouse and one of my favorite ways is with the dead stick.

Over the years dead sticking in a fish house has really risen in popularity. One great option is the rattle reel.

Rattle reels are great set lines for those times when your a little distracted or multitasking. Whether you are cooking dinner, getting ready for bed, or sleeping, rattle reels allow you to always be fishing without having to be one hundred percent attentive.

While rattle reels are great I prefer to use a set line in a rod holder while fishing out of my ice house.

If I am fighting trophy fish like walleye, northern pike, or lake trout I want to fight them on a rod and reel. I want something with backbone, where you can set the hook appropriately and something that has a drag.

It is nice to have the ability to switch out your rod depending on the species you are targeting as well. Both rattle reels and dead sticks have a place and both are a ‘must have’ in the ice house this winter.

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