Yetti Ice House

Must-Have Wheelhouse Accessories


The wheelhouse market has exploded in recent years – drive past any popular walleye destination in midwinter and you’ll know what we’re talking about. If you have your own permanent ice house (or you’re in the market), Joel Nelson shares a few accessories that will turn your shack into a fish catching fortress!

So now that you got a wheelhouse you have to go ahead and equip it for a great time out on the lake 

If you’re out there fishing these are some essential items that are gonna actually help you have a more productive time out there on the ice.

Now first and foremost the original catch cover is something that’s absolutely essential for your wheelhouse.

We’re going to start with the basics first and it’s gonna cover up all the holes when you’re in transport, or when there are times where certain holes in the house aren’t gonna be used.

Go ahead plop this in if you have a toy hauler, these are tough enough where you can actually drive an ATV right on top of it so they’re ultra durable. 

Another real basic kind of need for any kind of wheelhouse is gonna be the catch cover sleeves this whole sleeve is actually a moonglow whole sleeve it glows in the dark. That way when you wake up have to go check the generator at night you’ll be able to see this brightly outlining the hole and you’re not going to step in it.

The next two items that you’re going to want to have are the rattle snake rattle reels and the catch cover rod holder. Now both of them will actually plug into any wall disc that you mount around the house. So what I would recommend is setting up multiple wall discs everywhere around the house. Then no matter where you are fishing you’ll be able to plug in either one. The rattle reels are especially nice for those overnight trips, so you can leave lines in while you sleep. 

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