Ice Auger Safety Tips (Electric)

Electric Ice Auger Safety Tips


Ice fishing is all fun and games – until someone loses a thumb! That’s why it’s important to keep these safety tips in mind next time you bust out your electric ice auger.

When you’re talking about auger safety and when it comes to electric ice augers there’s a few things you really need to keep in mind to keep yourself and your equipment in working order.

 First thing you’ll want to do with your Strikemaster 40volt electric ice auger or any other piece of power equipment is to read the directions.

 That way you will know exactly what that piece of machinery does, what all the buttons do, and how the charing system works.

To maximize your battery life in your ice auger one thing you will want to really make sure you pay attention to is battery maintenance. Follow the directions on how to charge it maintain it. One tip while out on the ice is to keep your battery in a bag to help keep it warm.

Once you have a fully charged battery and your ready to start angering you will want to keep the auger nice and tight to your body. This allows you to have control over the anger. If you were to have your arms extended and auger away from your body it could catch on the ice and could twist and if it does that you could possibly brake a thumb or hand.

When it comes to transporting or storage of your electric auger there are a couple things are super important. Make sure your cover is on your augers protecting of your blades from damaging or from damaging your other gear.

You will also want to remove the battery from the auger so it doesn’t have a power source and can’t accidentally turn on while in transport.

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