Northland Long Shank Fire-Ball Jig

by | Aug 13, 2019 | EQUIPMENT | 0 comments

Northland’s Fire-Ball jig has dominated the walleye world since it’s introduction and has won more money than any other lure on the big tournament trails. Now the short shanked walleye slayer is available in a long shank – perfect for rippin’ plastics or pitchin’ minnows. Brad Hawthorne shares his thoughts on the new jig.
For more info, click here: Northland Long Shank Fire-Ball Jig

About Brad Hawthorne
Brad Hawthorne, is one of the most recognized and respected anglers in the Mille Lacs Lake area, if not the state of Minnesota. He has been guiding for over a decade and continually shares his warm, courteous, friendly and fun attitude.


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