Fishing the River

Cool Products for Fishing the River

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The one primary differentiating factor between lakes and rivers is, you guessed it, current. For that reason alone, river fishing requires a completely different arsenal of gear. While some products work everywhere, some are built specifically for efficiency in various strengths of current. Here are a few of our favorite products for fishing in river conditions:
Greenfield Richter Anchor – $89.99
Cuda Titanium Bonded Flex FilletKnife – $15.69
Northland Current Cutter Jig – $2.99
Northland Thumper Jig – $2.89
Northland Impulse Core Swimbait – $3.99
Northland Whistler Jig – $2.89
VMC Octopus Hook – $2.49
VMC Tournament Circle Hook – $3.39
Tom’s Tackle No Roll Sinker – $2.49
St Croix Mojo Cat Rod – $149.99
Bagley Balsa Shad – $8.69
Viper Custom Tackle Rippin’ Rap – $12.99
Sufix Performance Braid – $8.99
Tuf-Line 4orce Braided Line – $10.99
Frogg Togg Hellbender Waders – $149.99


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