Top Search Bait Options for Finding Spring Fish

Top Search Bait Options for Spring Fishing


It’s tough to find fish schooled up heavily this time of year, as most fish are in the post-spawn pattern, heading out to their early summer areas. Now more than ever, it’s important to use presentations that can be fished fast and can cover water quickly and there are a couple of “search bait” options that are great for covering water and location these roaming schools of fish. Wether you are targeting northern pike, walleye, large or smallmouth bass these baits will help you find the fish.

These are a few of our favorite options for three “search bait” categories of baits: spinnerbaits, inline spinners, and swimbaits.


Northland Bionic Bucktail Spinnerbait – $14.99
Northland Magnum Reed-Runner Spinnerbait – $6.99
Strike King Potbelly Spinnerbait – $4.19
Terminator T-1 Spinnerbait – $10.99
Johnson Beetle Spin – $1.49
VMC Curl Tail Spinnerbait – $3.59


Worden’s Rooster Tail – $3.29
Blue Fox Vibrax – $3.79
Blue Fox Vibrax Super Bou – $14.09
Northland Bird-Shot Bucktail Spinner – $12.99
Mepp’s Tandem Aglia – $9.99


Storm 360GT Searchbait – $4.99
Northland Impulse Core Swimbait – $3.99
Northland Impulse Paddle Shad – $4.49
Northland RZ Jig – $2.13
Storm WildEye Swim Shad – $3.69
Northland UV Mimmic Minnow – $3.39
Northland Mimmic Minnow Shad – $3.39


St Croix Bass X Series – $99.99
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