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Cool Products for Finding & Catching Trophy Fish


Cool Products for Finding & Catching Trophy Fish

No doubt about it, we all love catching big, trophy-sized fish. That said, it’s important to be rigged up with the right gear for the job. Depending on the conditions, you might be using big crankbaits for a variety of species or smaller jigs for walleye fishing. It’s also important to have the right tools on hand, whether it’s a net, pliers, a scale, etc. Here are some of our suggestions:

Hard Baits

Bagley Bang O’ B – $15.49
Rapala Balsa BX Swimmer – $10.89
Rapala Balsa BX Minnow – $10.89
Rapala Balsa BX Jointed Minnow – $10.89


Northland Fire-Ball Sting’N Jigs – $4.99
Northland Fire-Ball Stand-Up Jigs – $5.89
Northland Sting’R Hook – $2.99


Rapala Fish Gripper & Scale – $29.99
Rapala Stainless Steel Pliers – $15.49
Ego S2 Slider Net – $94.99


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