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Tuning your Tungsten Ice Jigs

by | Feb 16, 2017 | 0 comments

The top ice fishing experts are always looking for an edge when they are on the water. One thing that few anglers do that can make a difference is tuning their tungsten jigs. A perfectly tuned jig paired with a well-rigged soft plastic will absolutely out-fish a sloppily rigged jig and plastic.

Soft plastics for panfish have become incredibly popular over the past years and have proven themselves as big fish baits. One real benefit of soft plastics is that you can control your baits action better than you can control live bait.

One thing you can do as an angler to catch more fish on your tungsten jigs paired with a plastic, is to make sure it is tuned right.

Similar to a crankbait these tungsten jigs can be tuned and if they aren’t tuned correctly it will really hurt the action of the bait.

Sometimes the weld between the jig head and eyelid is off-kilter. You will want to take a pair of pliers and make sure that is perfectly straight. Even the slightest bend in the eyelid will affect the action of the bait.

Making these little adjustments can mean the difference from a decent day on the ice to a great day on the ice.

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